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101 rowsВ  Downloads, documentation, software updates, application notes, additional Eventide timefactor user manual pdf download, connect your guitar cable to timefactor input 1 and a cable from timefactor output 1 to one amp and a second cable from timefactor output 2 to the other amp input level switch (in lvl) should be Eventide is known for their great sounding rack units for the studio and now are getting even more popular with the masses because of Eventide is now offering three stompbox effects that are portable and affordable: The PitchFactor harmonizer, the TimeFactor twin delay, and the ModFactor modulation effects unit.

Its almost too good to be truea little stompbox that retains many of the sounds and the high quality found in other highend Eventide products, but with a price The Eventide Timefactor is a" doitall" digital delay unit that is know for it's studio quality delay sounds.

It has 10 different delay types including ModDelay, Tape Echo, Ducking Delay, Vintage Delay, Band Delay, Filter Pong, Multitap and reverse. Then has a Installers Manuals Additional Docs FAQs Instructional Videos Specs TimeFactor Product Page Looper Instructions for H9 and TimeFactor English A more obvious link is to the current TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space units, Eventides first forays into floordwelling effects. The standard H9 (479) takes eight of its nine algorithms from those pedals, the ninth being an UltraTap delay that isnt found anywhere else; the H9 Core is a cheaper option at 359, which comes Users Manual Introduction The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is the finest power supply available for guitar effects.

Its eight 9V outputs will power any You can power an Eventide Stompbox, like TimeFactor or PitchFactor, using a