Jo young rice cooker manual

Panasonic SR42FZ Operating Manual (16 pages) Large capacity electric rice cooker sr42fz operating manual This manual for: SR42HZPSPCP RICE COOKER MULTILANG, SR42FZLVA RICE COOKER MULTILANG, NSR42HZ RICE COOKER MULTILANG JOYOUNG SMART Rice Cooker JYF40FS19 with New 3Dimensional Heating, Sold by Joyoung Only Authozied Amazon Retailer" NBOX US Distributor". All units come with 1 year full warranty. This is the latest Joyoung rice cooker, top selling Flagship model in China.

Joyoung Electric Pressure Cooker JYY50FS98, 3 innovation function, 8 period of intelligent pressure regulating technology, 12 cooking function, meet the demand for the whole family. Free shipping to USA. Operating Instructions Electronic Rice Cooker Reserve it for later use with these operating instructions. ASTNZ. Safety Precautions Must be followed!

Indicates serious injury or death. The following charts indicate the degree of damage caused by wrong operation. Download the joyoung JYYG54G64 rice cooker Manual, or search and download other millions of from ManualLib joyoung Manuals, Appliances Manuals, or search and download other millions of from ManualLib Congrats on your new rice cooker!

Pop the hood, Ill show you how it works. JOYOUNG rice cooker is a Chinese made rice cooker that has multiple accessories and functions. It includes a 1tap cap opening button, detachable insole, and a large control panel for different functions.