Gibson dark fire manual tuning

Gibsons Dark Fire is nothing less than the most versatile 6string musicmaking machine on the planet, offering you an infinite number of tonal possibilities to let you change the tone of the instrument to suit your requirements. Chapter 2: Dark Fire Robot II Tuning Functions To get started, pull the MCK out. This initiates default mode, where Dark Fire is ready to tune to standard tuning, and the selected Chameleon Tone is The Gibson Dark Fire, is a variant of the Les Paul.

It was a second generation Robot Guitar, using an updated version of the Powertune selftuning system produced by Tronical Gmbh.

The Dark Fire also introduced Gibson's Chameleon Tone Technology, a system consisting of onboard electronics designed to simulate various guitar tones. DARK FIRE OWNERS MANUAL 3. 0 Dark Fire is a selftuning instrument that can employ up to 18 different tuning presets, but there are many finer points of its functions that you will want to explore, particularly its Chameleon Tone Technology, which is (Classic Gibson) is the default tone setup. There is no need to select an LED Les Paul Standard 2010 LTD Owners Manual.

Gibson LP STD LTD Manual v1. 0 Page 2 Gibson LP STD LTD Manual v1. 0 Page 3 success of the original Robot Guitar, the groundbreaking Dark Fire, and its predecessor the Dusk Tiger, the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited represents the apex of today's technology matched with the Les Manual Powerhead Tuning Dark Fires Powerheads can be turned by hand or by Robot tuning technology.

Unlike conventional tuning keys, they all turn in the same direction. The Powerhead tuner posts have locking nuts to secure the end of each string during tuning operations. Gibson Dark Fire Owner's Manual Gibson Dark Fire 4. 0 manual, page 1. Important Safety Instructions We value you as a customerand want our products to give you an inspiring, and gratifying, Secondgeneration Robot Tuning TechnologyTM for automatic, accurate tuning This is a living version of the Dark Fire Owners Manual.

Developed from internal documents, this manual is being continuously updated, is only a preliminary Standard Tuning is Dark Fires default tuning, and Gibson Classic is the default tone setup. There is no need to TronicalTune Manual (until 2014) Download Manual for detailed instructions and important safety warnings.

Also compatible with Gibson MinETune (2014) systems. The Dark Fire Owners Manual is available for download on the Dark Fire product page on Gibson. com. The manual will be updated periodically to accommodate for firmware updates and new applications so check the Web site for the latest version. Standard Tuning is Dark Fires default tuning, and Gibson Classic is the default tone setup. There is no need to select an LED symbol in this function; simply pulling out the MCK will begin Instantly Activated Tuning in A440Hz Standard Tuning.

The Tronical Tune system is a real game changer! This makes tuning, and experimenting with alternate tunings, 10X easier and faster! read more