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C Statistic and SPSS Logistic Regression. Technote (troubleshooting) Problem(Abstract) Among the statistics in that table is the" Concordance Index C"which is the c statistic in SAS PROC LOGISTIC.

NOMREG is available in the menus via The following SPSS command syntax reproduces the c statistic from a PROC LOGISTIC example in the manual: Downloadable! stcstat2 calculates and reports Harrell's cindex after fitting a model with stpm2. " STCSTAT2: Stata module to compute Harrell's cindex for flexible parametric models, " Statistical Software Components S, How can I calculate concordance Cstatistic Cindex for clustered survival data? Frank Harrell's RMS package, as mentioned above, has an easy to implement" validate" function that provides Jan 24, 2008 On Jan 16, 2: 50 pm, wrote: I would like to know whether we can calculate Cstatistic using SPSS 13.

If by the" cstatisitc" you are referring to the measure of the Estimating Harrells Optimism on Predictive Indices Using Bootstrap Samples Yinghui Miao, NCIRE, San Francisco, CA (c boot (m)). 4. For each one of the new models, calculate its discrimination back in the original data set (c Harrells C statistic is not directly available in PROC PHREG or other SAS procedures.

Therefore, our macro How do i get confidence intervals for the Harrell's C index values obtained using spss syntax from? I'm fitting a Cox regression model and want to compute Harrell's C statistic or Somers' D. Can SPSS Statistics produce either of these? Stata provides the estat concordance command to calculate the rank parameters Harrells C and Somers D as measures of the ordinal predictive power of a model.

However, no confidence limits or pvalues are provided to compare the predictive power of distinct models. Assessment of Discrimination in Survival Analysis (Cstatistics, etc) References.

IDI, NRI and different c statistics: In principle, the difference between 2 Harrell's c statistics can be calculated using the somersd package (downloadable from SSC), together with lincom. How to calculate Area Under the Curve (AUC), or the cstatistic, by hand. As pointed out by Harrell in his answer, this also has a graphical interpretation. The C Index in its output is the AUC: library(rms) C Index 0.

I am trying to run Harrell's Cstatistic in SPSS v24. Any ideas? Might be worth using Harrell's package Hmisc (written in R). How can I calculate concordance Cstatistic Cindex Harrell's C following a Cox regression (IBM ref# ). I am trying to use the syntax from a IBM SPSS technical note (reference# ; link below) to calculate Harrell's C (eg, Cindex