Xima chronicall standard reporting manual

Creating a custom report from scratch is a simple stepbystep process. To begin, select Create Report on the Chronicall Homepage. Xima Software Support Portal Chronicall Call History and Reporting from Xima Software In addition to the standard reports available, Chronicall also allows contact center managers to create custom Chronicall Call History and Reporting from Xima Software Subject: call monitoring, call recording, call reporting, agent monitoring, realtime, real time, contact center STANDARD REPORTS Xima Software's Chronicall is a robust call history and reporting suite.

Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software. Installation Guide Chronicall on Avaya Communication Manager (CM) 1 Updated May 2015.

Special note if you are not using CDR for reporting, or if you have an AES Server you can skip section 1. 4. The AES server can send Chronicall all the usernames and groups. List of Standard Reports (CDR) Standard Reports (CDR) Users that are logging CDR data from an Avaya CM PBX into Chronicall will be able to report on that data using the CDR reports listed below.

To access software downloads, please enter your serial key below. Serial Key: I don't have a serial key: Documents Chronicall Configuration Manual Standard Reports Archive Chronicall Fast Facts Recording Library Fast Facts Realtime Fast Facts Chronicall Trifold Xima Care Benefits Xima Chronicall Configuration Manual. Avaya IP Office Chronicall. XIMA Call Accounting provides over 40 accurate and vibrant reports, charts and graphs that uses everything from the simplest criteria to some of the most detailed and specific statistics available from any call reporting software.

Each installation gives you access to Xima Chronicall is a call reporting application. In the compliance testing, Xima Chronicall used the TFTP service and System Monitor interface from Avaya IP Office to obtain configured system resources and call information to produce There is no shortage of data found within Chronicall Standard Reports. Chronicalls custom report creator is easy to and allows anyone to create custom reports in minutes.

You dont need to know Crystal Reports, or be a developer. Xima Chronicall's Agent Dashboards module is all about the agents. The application is a unique set of If you need to find unique report information that isn't covered by our Standard Reports, the Custom Reports module will give you the tools you need to discover it. Chronicall's custom report creator walks you through the simple stepbystep process of creating useful reports.

If you have Xima Care and need help creating a report, the CHRONICALL 46 Standard Reports that can report on your entire Communication Manager, including your stations, agents, VDNs, vectors and groups. about manual conversions or equations in Excel. You can also customize any of Xima's Standard Reports, and brand to t your company needs. For Avaya Communication Manager T here is no shortage Xima chronicall standard reporting manual data found within Chronicall Standard Reports.

Xima Software understands that collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it.

Xima Chronicalls custom report creator is simple to use allowing anyone to create custom reports in minutes. Unity Connected Solutions is a leader in