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mCubed HFX112 TBalancer MiniNG Review Manufacturer: mCubed UK Price (as Reviewed): 29. 99 (inc. VAT) US Price (as Reviewed): Not available The TBalancer mCubed HFX 112 TBalancer miniNG Fan Controller Probably the most configurable fan controller available apart from its big brother, the BigNG, this is a product for serious PC enthusiasts.

Mar 06, 2010 Yes it is possible but you need software to feed the readings back to the TBalancer, is because the thing itself wouldn't have a way to read those sensors all alone. B TBalancer conguration B TBalancer Konguration The miniNG can be connected with the TBalancer via the sensor bus.

If the TBalancer is connected properly, the BUS LED is illuminated. To communicate with the TBalancer a software and rmware version 2.

6 and higher is required. Buy mCubed FanController TBalancer miniNG (also for Laing pumps) for 54. 95 It is the TBalancer bigNG from mCubed, and it features digital and analogue temperature sensors, fan controllers and an entire software suite to use and calibrate everything perfectly.

The mCubed TBalancer bigNG comes in a white box wrapper in plastic with the manual on the top under the plastic. I do own the miniNG myself, and it is TBalancerminiNG Installation Guide INSTALLATION Connect the fans to the fan connectors Connect the sensors. (CPU), where the sensor is placed. Connect the miniNG to 12V power Optional: If you own a TBalancer, you can connect the miniNG to the sensorbus and extend the TBalancer by 2 more fan channels and 2 more sensors to the TBalancer mCubed HFX112 TBalancer MiniNG Review.

We tested by hooking up the miniNG to two 120mm fans, one pointed at the Northbridge of our system and one at the graphics card. We then attached the Detailed review of TBalancer bigNG fan controller with advanced features TBalancer bigNG MultiFunction Fan Pump Controller Product Description& Info The TBalancer bigNG is the first 4channel controller for air and watercooling with The miniNG works completely independent and can also be operated without the TBalancer.

But if you own a TBalancer you can make all configurations with Software and you can create new profiles and save them to the miniNG. Jun 08, 2006 TBalancer miniNG Fan Controller Review A brain for your fans ModdingSmall Mods by jmke @ What do you get when you put a bunch of talented Austrians into a small room with a bunch of fans, a few silicon chips and a soldering iron?