Geonics em34 manual transfer

EM343 from Geonics. The EM343 is a fast, simple to operate, costeffective instrument for the engineering geophysicist, geologist and hydrogeologist alike and has been particularly successful for mapping deeper groundwater contaminant plumes and for groundwater exploration. Checklist for Data Storage and Transfer (PDF 249KB) Checklist for DL DATA LOGGING SY STEM OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR EM34 GROUND CONDUCTI VITY METER WITH POLYCOR DER SERIES 720 Version 3. 40 Polycorder manual. 8 The Geonics EM34 program uses this key to return to the previo us prompt.

Geonics EM343 and EM343 conductivity meter, geophysical tool for groundwater investigations, subsurface contamination and geological mapping. For Rent. Borehole Logging Electromagnetic Geonics EM57 EM57 Transmitter, Lowfrequency coil, reference cable, data transfer cable, battery cables. Note: Power source for the transmitter is not included. Requires 24 volt DC or 120V AC power source.

The Geonics EM343 Data Logging System (DAS70CX) consists of a field computer Allegro CX, For more information about data storage options, refer to Chapter 3 of the Allegro CX manual. 1. 3 Data Files Transfer. Data files are saved in the Allegro with extension R343. Transfer Downloads from A Canadianowned company, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Geonics Limited is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of EM31 Operation with the EM31MK2 Program Learn to use the EM31MK2 data logger program to setup and log data with the EM31.

Calibration, functionality checks, and file transfer is also discussed. Geonics EM31 is a electromagnetic ground conductivity geophysical instrument for environmental surveys. For Rent. Borehole Logging (which can be easily removed from the console for data transfer). Real Time (RT) graphical presentation of the data during collection is possible by connecting a computer directly to the RS232 output port